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Zoltán Vince Laczó (1964, Győr - )

Kép Musical qualifications: 1991 Jazz artist (LFZF Jazz Faculty Main teachers: János Gonda, Balázs Berkes, Károly Friedrich  1999 Symphonic band Conductor (MMI)  
Main teachers: István Bogár, László Marosi 
His music composing studies were completed at István Bogár privately.
Other qualifications: 2007       Teacher of theology (Sapientia SZHF). His thesis was written about the history of and the possible teaching methods of religious music at Dr Lukács Áment.

Orchestras, workplaces: 
1984-1994            Orchestral and theatre musician  
1995-1997      film music composer (composed musics for the instructional films 
of Vi-Dok Palota Studio and for series of Szív TV and M-Sat 
channels as well.) 
1997-2004            Teacher at Lisznyay Szabó Gábor Music School of Veresegyház
2004                                musical editor at Hungarian Catholic Radio
Main works, performances:             
His first own performance was held at Gabriella Lovas’ diploma concert in 1995, December. The choral work he composed for this event titled „Éjszaka”(Night) was published as well. 
1997 - Ilyenek az Állatok (What Do You Know About Animals?) tale musical for Dezső Tandori’s poems, with Gertrúd Csizmadia’s story. Premiere: Győr, Vaskakas Puppet Theatre, other performances: Nagyvárad (Oradea), Arcadia Children Theatre, Szabadka (Subotica), Lúdas Matyi Children Theatre, Teatro Estable de Navarra Pinpilinpauxa (in Spanish language), 2010, Szeged, Kövér Béla Puppet Theatre. 
1997-1999     arrangemants for Four Fathers Singers. 
1998        A Tékozló fiú (Prodigal Son) (oratorio for mass movements)
Premiere: Veresegyház, Roman Catholic Church , featuring:  István Ella, Four Fathers Singers, Veresegyház Irisz Girl Choir, Chamber Orchestra, conducted by László Zádori.
2000      Az Iskolamester (Orbis pictus) accompaniment music for Gyula Urbán’s play Premiere: Budapest Puppet Theatre. 
2001  Millennium Te Deum for Gyula Urbán’s text 
                      Premiere: Debrecen Bartók Hall, featuring: 
                       Kodály Choir Debrecen, Philharmonic Orchestra Debrecen, Sándor Böjte as tenor, conducted by Francisco Estevez (Esp.) 
2002  Ha én felnőtt volnék (If I were an adult) musical based on 
„Ha én felnőtt volnék” and „Kire ütött ez a gyerek?” 
(Who is this kid spitting image of?) novels of Éva Janikovszky and lyrycs of Csaba Csík.
Premiere: Óbuda Summer, directed by Iván Vas-Zoltán 
2003    A kertész kutyája (The dog of the gardener, by Felix Lope de Vega) Premiere of accompaniments included in Óbuda Summer programme, directed by Iván Vas-Zoltán.  
2004-2007  Literary radio programs, accompaniments of radio play on the Hungarian Catholic Radio. 
2006     Sampucli az irigy perselymalac musical story play written and 
    directed by Gyula Urbán, Premiere: Nagyvárad (Oradea), 
     Arcadia Children Theatre, other perfomances: 2008, Szeged, Kövér Béla Puppet Theatre, Nagyvárad (Oradea) Arcadia Children Theatre titled ”Samy” in Roumanian language. 2010. Latinovits Theatre Budaörs.

 2009  Millennium Te Deum (chamber orchestration)                        Veresegyház, Catholic church, featuring: Budapest Bach Choir, Pentaerophonia Quintett, Budapest String Quintett, István Basky as tenor, conducted by István Ella.
Szupermese - Supertail  - accompaniment music for                     Gyula Urbán’s puppetplay. Premiere: Nagyvárad (Oradea) Arcadia Children Theatre. 

2010 - Triosonata - featuring: Zsófia Bíró - flute, Jaroslava Simonova - cello, Alexandra Bálint - piano
Meseszvit (Suite for Children) - featuring: Concerto Clarinet Quartet, Monarchia String Quartet, conducted by the composer.

Variations and Improvisations for an Old Hungarian Melody I-IV 

5 May 2010. Sydney, ISCM World New Music Days 
Featuring: Sydney Conservatorium Big Band, conducted by Bill Motzing

2011 - Rhapsody - two cellos and piano - featuring: Judit Kiss-Domonkos - cello, Jaroslava Simonova - cello, Anna Lugossy - piano 
Candles for your Birthday  - Chamber version - Alexandra Bálint - piano, Monarchia Chamber Ensemble, conducted by: Zoltán Vince Laczó
2012 - Concerto for Clarinet - featuring: Krisztina Tötös - clarinet,
Gabriella Albert - piano, Emma Mocsári - piano

High Mass in Honor of  Vilmos Apor Martyr - featuring: Qu-Art vocal ensemle, László Préda and György P. Geiger - trumpets, Johanna Luty - organ, conducted by the composer. 

Concerto for Tuba - featuring: Zsolt Koppányi - tuba, Musikkapelle Oberstdorf  (Germany), conducted by Marius Galvin. 

2013Orbis Pictus - suite - featuring: Zsuzsanna Németh - violin,
Judit Gallai - cello, Judit Kékesi - piano 
Ave maris stella - featuring: Lásztó Préda - trumpet, Johanna Luty - organ

Antanténusz - featuring: Dóra Bizják- piano, and members of Pentaerophonia Woodwind Quintet
Kis Szigligeti - Little Szigligeti  - accompaniment music for Gyula Urbán’s drama. Premiere: Szigligeti Theater Oradea, Lilliput Company. 
Six Hungarian Folksongs - featuring: Monarchia Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by: Gábor Werner
Fantasy -  featuring: Csaba Kálmán - viola,
Woodwind Quartet of Szeged Symphony Orchestra 

2014A Dunánál - poem by József Attila, 
Szent Ignác imája - poem by Sík Sándor,
Ki viszi át a Szerelmet - poem by Nagy László
featuring: CantuS CorvinuS Ensemble, conducled by Géza Klembala 
Romantic Suite for Piano featuring: Gabriella Láng
Missa brevis - featuring: CantuS CorvinuS Ensemble, 
Márton Levente Horváth, conducted by: Géza Klembala,
Christmas Song - lyric by Géza Gárdonyi - featuring: CantuS CorvinuS Ensemble, László Préda, Márton evente Horváth, conducted by: Géza Klembala 

2015 - Árnyjáték (Galanty Show) - featuring: Jaroszlava Simonova - cello, András Csáki - guitar
Missa a cappella
featuring: Mixed Choir of Diósd, conducled by Katalin Szabó 

Kővel, kő nélkül (With stones, or without stones) accompaniment music for Lóránt Varga’s play Premiere: 27. 08.
in Summer Theater of Budakeszi.

2016 - Symphony No.1 - featuring: Győr Symphonic Band, conducted by Dr. László Marosi (Győr, 11th March) (12nd Jun. Córdoba, Argentina)
Veni Creator Spiritus - featuring: Anna Masszi, Mixed Choir of Diósd, (leader: Katalin Szabó) Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra,
conducted by Mátyás Antal.
Triószvit (Trio Suite) I. V. VI. - featuring: Edit Székely- flute, András Csáki - guitar, Marcell Vámos - cello
Epitaph - featuring: Laura Varga - flute, University of Szeged Percussion Ensemble, art director: Gábor Siklósi 
(Vántus István Contemporary Music Days of Szeged)

2017 - Passion for Palm Sunday - featuring: Saint Ephraim Male Choir, László Gesztesi Tóth - organ, conducted by Tamás Bubnó.
Quartet for Saxophones
 - featuring: Novus Saxophone Quartet 
Female  Choirs for poems by Margit Kaffka - Featuring: FMK Female Choir, conducted by: Gabriella Lovas 
Religion Sonata - featuring: SaxOrgan duo - Sándor Zsemlye - alto saxophone, László Adrian Nagy - church organ

 Curriculum Vitae

            I was born on 25th October 1964 in Győr. I was christened Vince Zoltán Laczó, but my Vince first name I used only later as a composer. I completed my primary and secondary schools in my home town. Firstly I started to learn playing the piano and guitar, but officially as music school student contrabass became my main musical instrument. At that time I started playing the bass guitar as well. In my teens I played music in jazz-rock bands and paralel in the school chamber orcestra. In my later musical carreer the genre duality has been renaining.

Since 1982 I continued my studies in Bartók Béla College of Musical Art, Budapest so I took my final exam in College of State Ballet Institute. Between 1984 and 1988 I was a member of several bands, eg. the Rock Theatre Band, and other jazz and rock bands. I did my military service in Philharmonic Orchestra of Zrínyi Miklós Military Academy.

In 1991 I obtained a graduation as jazz artist in Liszt Ferenc College of Musical Art at Jazz Faculty. My master subject teacher was Balázs Berkes, I learnt orchestration from Károly Friedrich. At the field of theoretical studies I thanked the most to János Gonda.

Since 1991 I worked as theatre musician in Germany - intermittenly - to 1994. At the end of the 80’s my interest turned to composing, I started post- colt-college trainings, I thanked the most - besides János Gonda - to István Bogár’s professional guidance. In 1994 I obtained a composing scholarship of Berklee College of Music so I could expand my knowledge at a short course in London.

My first important art-work which was arranging of „Jónás könyve”(Jonas’ Book) titled rock-opera shown in 1991 at Budapest Spring Festival was published and recorded in CD format in 2000.

My first „real” performance in 1995 „ Éjszaka” (Night) titled choral work was composed for a poem by Miklós Radnóti was performed int he Music Academy Hall sang (introduced) by the choir of the Institute.

Between 1994 and 1997 I was a composer of nature and instructional films and series of Vi-Dok Studio and to 2001. The films made in Vi-Dok studio were shown in Szív Tv and M-Sat channels. When the two channels went bankrupted, my working possibility discontinued. Because of it I became a music teacher at Lisznyay Szabó Gábor Music School Veresegyház since 1997.

Between 1997 and 1999 I completed the 5 semestered wind band upper master course organised by the Hungarian Institute of Adult Education. There- beside István Bogár, László Marosi conductor was my most important teacher, moreover I could attend on more international courses held by famous foreign professors (eg. Bob Gifford, Ronald Johnson, Jan-Magnus Dahle).

Between 1999 and 2002 I was the artistic leader and conductor of Red One House Big Band consisted of amateur musicians from Gödöllő, Dány and Veresegyház, and jazz teachers of  F. Chopin Music School of Gödöllő.

After 2000 I got involved deeper into religious music and paralel the Catholic Church, so I applied for being a teacher of religion major of Sapientia Theological College in 2003. I got my degree in 2007. The topic of my thesis was the history of and the possible teacing methods of religious music lead by Dr Lukács Áment.

From 2004 - when it was founded - I became musical editor and producer in the Hungarian Catholic Radio.

I’m a member of Hungarian Composer's Union,  Hungarian Jazz Federation, Artisjus, and Society of Creative Musicians.


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